BTec Appeals Process

This centre Appeals Policy Aim

● To enable the learner to enquire, question or appeal against an assessment
● To attempt to reach agreement between the learner and the Assessor at the
earliest opportunity
● To standardise and record any appeal to ensure openness and fairness
● To facilitate a learner’s ultimate right of appeal to the Awarding Body, where
● appropriate
● To protect the interests of all learners and the integrity of the qualification.

In order to do this, the centre will:

● inform the learner at induction, of the Appeals Policy and procedure
● record, track and validate any appeal
● forward the appeal to the Awarding Body when a learner considers that a
decision continues to disadvantage her/him after the internal appeals
process has been exhausted
● keep appeals records for inspection by the Awarding Body for a minimum of
18 months
● have a staged appeals procedure
● will take appropriate action to protect the interests of other learners and the
integrity of the qualification, when the outcome of an appeal questions the
validity of other results
● monitor appeals to inform quality improvement.

This policy will be reviewed every 12 months by Mrs Barker

Useful documentation

GCSE Timetable May-June 2019 –  Coming Soon