Baubigny Schools PTA support both St Sampson’s High School and Le Murier. As Baubigny Schools PTA is a registered charity, we do rely on charity donations & gifts.  We are extremely appreciative of every donation & gift we receive and we hope this will continue in the future.

The PTA is made up of senior teachers from both schools, together with Julie Langlois as Chair, Andy Watchman as Treasurer, Sue Joyce as Secretary together with a fantastic group of parents who are parents from both schools.

We usually meet up every 4 weeks at St Sampson’s High School library.  We use this time to discuss any funding requests received from either school, together with organising various events.

To give you an idea, previous events we have held are a Quiz Night, Christmas Raffle, Chocolate Collection to name a few.

The proceeds from these events, go towards the various funding requests received from both schools to enhance the education of every student.

This year alone the PTA has provided new camping equipment for the D of E team (£1000), whole year group books for the new tutor time reading to the value of £2000. The PTA have supported some funding for the SSHS Year 11 Prom and the Le Murier leavers dinner.

The PTA also provide refreshments for all St Sampson’s High School year group Consultation Evenings.

However, any parent from either school wishing to join as either a committee member or volunteer, can do so by emailing us at our email address below.

[email protected]

Also check out our facebook page