Baubginy Schools Vision Statement

Learning Together
By learning together we will develop a community of:
  • Happy and successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible citizens
We will provide:
  • a range of challenging opportunities
  • support and friendship
  • a safe and stimulating environment
  • encouragement of lifelong learning


We do not tolerate bullying of any kind be it verbal, emotional, psychological or physical.  We will take action when we are made aware of bullying and will punish if necessary.  It is important that we are informed of anything that is worrying or making your child unhappy even if he or she asks you not to contact us.  The only way to deal with bullying is to confront it. A copy of our Safe School Policy is available on request.


Regular attendance makes a significant difference to a child’s progress in school and we would ask that you support us by encouraging this.  Wherever possible, absence during term time should be avoided and this is particularly important in the time immediately preceding external examinations. We would not expect, for example, requests for absence during the Spring Term in Year 11.  If an absence is unavoidable, requests in writing should be submitted to the Headteacher.

If your child is too unwell to attend school, we would ask that you inform the School on morning of absence.  If the School does not hear from you after 3 days, you will be sent a text, voice message or e-mail by an automated system known as Groupcall.

If at all possible, it is also helpful if you can avoid medical appointments during school time.


Arrival at school on time also contributes to establishing the right attitude towards work and we would ask for your support in enabling your child to be punctual.  Students should be in their tutor rooms at 8.35 am and in their classes at 1.25 pm.  If students’ late arrival at school or lessons totals 20 minutes or more a week, they will have to undertake a lunch time detention.


The School has a detailed Behaviour Policy that is available on request.  The key aims are listed below.

The fundamental purpose of St Sampson’s High School is to enable every student to learn.  Good behaviour makes the school a safe and well-ordered environment where effective teaching and learning are possible.  Teachers have the right to teach; students have the right to learn.

  • All members of the school should be prepared to learn.
  • All should be polite, courteous and considerate
  • All should be able to learn without being disrupted by others.
  • Respect should be shown to people, property and the environment.

 The Policy sets out the expected behaviour both in lessons and around the school and categorises unacceptable behaviour according to the levels of seriousness.  This is what your child may be talking about if he or she refers to a Level 1 etc.

In order to reinforce appropriate behaviour there is a system of rewards, details of which are found further on in the prospectus, and a system of sanctions. These are scaled according to the gravity of the offence.

Policy Documents