Art and Design

Art Education is a broad experience conducive to the practical, sensory, intellectual and personal development and well being of an individual.

The aim of teaching art is not exclusively to train specialists but one of a group by which the student shapes their personality and which helps them make more sense of their experience, develops initiative, self-discipline and an enquiring mind. Art is a subject that demands active participation and helps fulfill individual potential.

Art and Design offers the opportunity to communicate, to investigate, to experiment and to express ideas and feelings in visual and tactile form. It comprises a language which complements those of numeracy, literacy, scientific and factually-based subjects. It is concerned with the development and exploration of the complexities of visual perception and aesthetic experience. It also allows the develop ment of strategies to solve design problems, to discriminate and make informed and considered judgements.

Art and Design are separate, but essentially inter-related, activities with many overlaps. Problem-solving is common to both. Art andDesign foster practical, technical, observational, analytical and manipulative skills, as well as being a vehicle for personal expression and imagination, perception and sensitivity, conceptual thinking. Theoretical, spiritual, philosophical and aesthetic consideration and decision-making are based upon direct experience.