Students in KS3 will have a daily 20 minute slot to Drop Everything And Read. During this time, they can choose to read a book they enjoy. This is to encourage a love of reading for pleasure.

Reading passports

All students will have a record of books they have read in their individual reading passport.  The passports encourage the reading of a variety of text types.   These are issued in students English lessons and monitored by their subject teacher.

Peer reading support

KS4 Students support students in year 7 and year 8 by listening to them read (1-2-1)  in the library. This helps readers to build their confidence and improves reading fluency.

Bedrock Vocabulary

Bedrock Vocabulary is an online reading curriculum.  Selected students have their own online account with sessions taking place within their English lesson.  Each session takes 20 minutes, with an initial ‘Alpha test’ to determine a starting point for the student.  After completing, students take a post test. If they achieve below 60%, they repeat the learning steps and take the test again.
Bedrock has nine blocks, with a range of reading content including fiction and non-fiction.  Bedrock gives students exposure to new and ambitious vocabulary

How Bedrock Works

Tutor guided reading

Some tutor groups read a class text together (whole class reading and discussion with their tutor) during one period of registration each week.