The Convention

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is a document containing 54 articles that ALL children regardless of race, religion, gender or background have access to. At SSHS, our first priority is to uphold the convention at all times. From Article 3 that says ‘all adults must do what is best for a child’ to Article 31 that says ‘children should be protected from being unfairly punished or badly treated’, the UNCRC is built into the ethos of the school at every level.

With a ‘Tree of Rights’ featured in the reception area, anyone visiting our school can see straightaway how important the UNCRC is to our school, our students and our staff. The Student Council (2020-2021) had the vision for a tree with leaves that spread all around the school relating to different rights in specific locations. For example, outside the medical room you can find Article 24 – you have the right to the best health possible’.

As part of the convention, students are aware that they have the right to an opinion (article 12) and for that opinion to be listened to and taken seriously. Therefore, if you have something that you would like to share with an adult, or a concern about something that is bothering you, simply click this link and fill in the form. Remember, you can always talk to your form tutor or your Head of Year if you would prefer to speak to someone at school.

Similarly, we would like to hear from adults regarding your opinion of …….. school life? Please contact your child’s form tutor, Head of Year or fill in the form here and someone will get back to you. Please be aware that this service is checked on a monthly basis so for more urgent queries please contact the school office.

Student Council

Our Student Council is made up of students across all year groups. Our year 11 Head Students have campaigned and been voted for by peers and staff to head up the overall Student Leadership Team. Year group representatives from years 7-10 were chosen firstly by tutor groups and in a second round of voting by their year groups. All of these students are seen as a mouthpiece for the rest of the school community and are keen to collect opinions and bring about change in order to continue making St. Sampson’s High School a successful, supportive happy society.


The Rights Respecting Schools Award is a prestigious award which recognises a school’s effort to be Rights Respecting. Currently, St. Sampson’s High School has achieved Silver status and is working toward Gold status which means that students are aware of their rights and that the school implements these at every opportunity. Not only are the rights found within individual curriculum areas and lesson plans, the rights make up key school policies such as the Engagement Policy.