The cohort for year 7 2019 consists of 162 students across a 7 form entry.

We have 6 experienced, approachable and talented tutors who will be responsible for the social and emotional well being of their tutees. The tutors in year 7 are:

Mrs N Ozanne – 7NOE
Mr M Stevens – 7MSS
Mrs G Flatley – 7GFY
Mr A Newman – 7ANN
Mrs D Birch – 7DBH
Mrs G Wright – GWT
Mr D Price – 7DPE

The transition experience has been a very enjoyable experience that has included a wonderful Set Sail team building opportunity where every pupil had the chance to sail on one of the three Bristol Cutters with members of their primary school.  We have also carried out two very successful transition days where students joined us at St.Sampson’s High from their primary schools – first for a half day in May and then for a whole day on the 17th June. The students were able to meet with their tutors and participate in a range of interesting lessons across all subjects from Design Technology to Maths, Religious Studies to Modern Foreign Languages. They also had the opportunity to explore the school site, visit the canteen and socialise with other students across the school during break and lunchtimes. Feedback from the visits was very positive with many highlighting how safe and happy they felt when they visited and how excited they were to be moving to secondary school ready to take on all the challenges to be offered.


Tutor groups and houses

The tutor groups are comprised of on average 23 students and each group is assigned a house and colour – Jethou (Yellow), Brecqhou (blue) and Lihou (red). The houses come into their own during larger events such as charities day and sports day but are also important on a smaller scale through merit totals and inter house competitions. There is a trophy awarded to the winning house with the most points at the end of each year. It is our intention this year to run an inter tutor group league where points would be awarded for participation in assemblies, the winner of the weekly quiz and other noteworthy contributions to tutor time and the pastoral life of the school.

Tutor Time

Tutor time is vital in setting the tone for learning at the beginning of the day and so it is vital that students’ are on time and attend their tutor bases every morning. The tutor will be responsible for checking equipment including iPad and giving notices to students. They will be encouraging participation in a range of morning activities including critical thinking conundrums, assemblies, Accelerated Reader, Newsround discussions and weekly themed quizzes. Any suggestions from students about other items they may wish to be considered for use during tutor time can be discussed with their form tutor.



Attendance at school is directly linked to successes in exams and results. If you are not in school, you are not able to learn! Tutors will receive weekly attendance updates for their students and any absences will be discussed and reasons recorded. If your child is off school please contact the main school office who will be able to update the registers accordingly. It is the responsibility of the student to then see the staff for the lessons missed and catch up on any work that needs to be completed.



It is our intention this year to establish a year 7 newsletter once a term (3 times a year) with the aim of providing information to parents and staff about what we have been doing that term. It will be run by a team of students forming an Editorial Team and there is a possibility of mentoring from a local digital marketing agency – The Potting shed. This would appeal to students who like writing report articles, interviewing students and taking photographs of important events.


Activities & Social events

There are so many activities on offer within St. Sampson’s High for students – ranging from sports clubs to drama and music. Staff are keen to offer new experiences and support pupils to develop their extra-curricular pursuits and all year 7’s are encouraged to participate in at least one club / activity not least because it provides an opportunity to make new friends as well as possibly learn a new skill.

There will also be many social events students can get involved in this year including Christmas party, Panto, Mini prom and many fundraising events linked to charities day as a whole school and other year 7 specific events.


Identity & Communication

We are very keen to build a strong sense of identity across the year group that will hopefully follow the students all the way through until they leave in Year 11. We have developed a font specific to the year group which will be used on all correspondence and will seek to develop a logo to be used in association with all year group events with the input of the students’ during the Autumn Term 2017. Miss Wenlock, our creative guru, has created a key ring for each member of year 7 as a welcome gift into St.Sampson’s High, which we hope students will keep good care of and serve to associate them with our year team.

To support and publicise our year group, it is our intention to develop an Instagram account that will allow parents and students to see what we are doing in school. This will be linked into the newsletter communication and feature photographs and information about student achievements and school events. In addition parents will be able to contact us and students manage their daily schedules via our new online diary programme called Milk. Information about this facility was given out at the parents evening in June and further details about its capabilities will become apparent as the programme is embedded into the life of the school.

Team building

Students at St.Sampson’s High will all have the opportunity to take part in a team building day within the first weeks of the Autumn term. This will take place at Rue Mainguy and involve many different activities allowing the students’ time to get to know each other better outside of a school context and for them to work alongside their tutor and other tutor groups too. There is talk of the staff dressing up for this event too… watch this space!


It is our intention in year 7 to undertake many fundraising activities aimed at providing money to support the students. All money raised will directly benefit members of year 7 – whether by providing rewards trips for good behaviour, contributing towards end of tern parties or providing assistance if students wish to partake in other events that would benefit from some financial support from school. Each tutor group will be responsible for organising an event each half term so there will be 6 across the year linked to the calendar and time of year – i.e. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Summer. Whilst staff will take a supporting role, the onus will be on the students to manage and lead these events to develop their teamwork and organisational skills.

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