• To develop useful life skills to prepare pupils to meet the needs of the 21st Century and its technological advances.
  • To stimulate originality, enterprise and practical capability and the adaptability needed to cope with a rapidly changing society.
  • To enable pupils to consider the social, economic and environmental impact of technological activities.
  • To provide activities which use and contribute to knowledge and understanding of other subjects, particularly, but not exclusively, Maths and English.
  • To encourage common sense based on understanding of both software and hardware.
  • To develop coding skills in order to inspire the next generation of computer scientists.
  • To encourage the safe and ethical use of technology.

All work in the ICT department is done using Google education Software.




Students follow a BTEC in ICT which covers 4 units

  • Unit 1 – The Online World – Exam
  • Unit 3 – Creating a E – Portfolio
  • Unit 4 – Creating Digital Animation
  • Unit 6 – Creating Digital Graphics


Year 10

Unit 4 – Creating Digital Animation

Students create an animation on the topic of public health using Scratch and Flash software’s


Unit 6 – Creating Digital Graphics

Students create a selection of tickets and posters to advertise a festival, using a range of software such as adobe fireworks, adobe illustrator and Canva.


Year 11

Unit 1 – The Online World

This is an exam unit exploring the theory and technical side of IT. Students will look into clients and servers, investigate different types of internet connections, look at different online services and understand how data is exchanged across a network.


Unit 3 – Creating an E – Portfolio

Students will create an E portfolio to showcase their ICT skills this will include example of work from the previous units.