We believe student leadership is one of the essential strands of personal development. We encourage as many students as possible to take on leadership roles in our community and believe this is vital to developing our ethos. The development of leadership provides opportunities for students to develop the characteristics of a successful person and improves academic success, opening doors in the future.

Student Leadership Team and Prefects

The Year 11 Student leadership team are invited to apply for a position through a letter of application to their Head of Year, a voting system is undertaken that involves all staff and their peers.  Two Head Students and two Deputy Head Students are selected.  The Year 11 student leadership team meet regularly with the Head Teacher and Assistant Head for the Student Council.

Prefects are selected after an interview with Senior Leadership and one of the senior student team. Their main role is to carry out duties during both break and lunchtime to monitor student interactions.  We have many students who are keen to be prefects and who wear their own coloured tie with pride which identifies them to all students in school.

Student Council

The student council is elected from years 7-11 and is made up of 2 students from each year group (usually one boy and one girl).  The Student Council supports the student leadership team (see above) and works with students and staff across a range of different areas including Diversity and WellbeingLearning and Teaching and Events, Eco and Charity.  The student council is student-centred allowing students to learn to work together to play a positive role within the school community.  Meetings are held twice during a half term run by the council with the SLT lead acting as facilitator guiding agendas and scribing minutes.

The school council as a whole has responsibility for:

  • Working with staff and Board of Parents’ Teacher Association (PTA) in the school
  • Communicating and consulting with all of the students in the school
  • Involving students in a range of activities across the school

All Students are provided with opportunities to develop leadership through a variety of creative projects:

  • Peer mentoring
  • Sports Leadership Award
  • House Captains
  • Reading champions
  • Year 11 Prefect System