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Head of Year 7Chris Haimes[email protected]
Head of Year 8Deborah Hollingworth[email protected]
Head of Year 9Gemma Lumb[email protected]
Head of Year 10Kelly Powell[email protected]
Head of Year 11David Price[email protected]
7SKESandra Kaine[email protected]
7NVNNigel Vernon[email protected] 
7DVYRichard Pitman[email protected]
7MJSMillie Jones[email protected]
7ABNAshani Benjamin[email protected]
7ECNDelphine Vianey[email protected]
8DBHDiane Birch[email protected]
8SMYSiobhan McIlroy[email protected]
8ANNAntony Newman[email protected]
8NOENerine Ozanne[email protected]
8DPRSadie Addlesee[email protected]
8MSSMark Stevens[email protected]
8GWTGill Wright[email protected]
9JHTJulie Herbert[email protected]
9AMGMelissa Kahli[email protected]
9IMSIan Mills[email protected]
9CMYChris Murphy[email protected]
9EPDEmma Porterfield[email protected]
9JRSJeanne Roberts[email protected]
10NBSNick Boldison-Smith[email protected]
10ECSEmma Chesters[email protected]
10JFLJenni Foale[email protected]
10GHEGeorgia Howe[email protected]
10PPEPaul Pearce[email protected]
10SWKSally Wenlock[email protected]
11RCNRebecca Chamberlain[email protected]
11JIEJess Ingles[email protected]
11MIEMark Ingrouille[email protected]
11SMRSam Mauger[email protected]
11VWEVictoria Wallace[email protected]
11BWEBen Wooldridge[email protected]
Pastoral Lead (CPO)Daniel Whelan[email protected]
Inclusion Champion (Deputy CPO)James Ferbrache[email protected]
SENCO (Deputy CPO)Claire Avary[email protected]
Intervention Manager (Deputy CPO)Chris Haimes[email protected]
Inclusion MentorVictoria Falla[email protected]
Inclusion MentorSarah Lee[email protected]
Family Liaison OfficerAndy Colleran[email protected]
LSAJoy Le Page[email protected]
LSAMillie Le Patourel[email protected]
LSAAliesha Ford[email protected]
LSASophie Veron[email protected]
LSADixie Park[email protected]
LSAReuben Da Silva Barros[email protected]
LSASonia Domaille[email protected]
School AdministratorPhil Harris[email protected]
Premises ManagerJason Alderton[email protected]
Admin ManagerVictoria De La Mare[email protected]
Admin AssistantJo Bishop[email protected]
Admin AssistantHelen Ingrouille[email protected]
Admin AssistantKelly Le Poidevin[email protected]
LibrarianTracey Henry[email protected]
ReprographicsAlison Domaille[email protected]
Cover Supervisor
Cover SupervisorDeborah Carter[email protected]
D&T TechnicianTony Wenlock[email protected]
IT TechnicianGeoff Jackson[email protected]
Science TechnicianNikki Davison[email protected]
Science TechnicianLucy Davison[email protected]
AV TechnicianWill Rutherford[email protected]
Food TechnicianTracy Park[email protected]