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Principal Mrs Vicky Godley [email protected]
Deputy Head Mr Adrian King [email protected]
Assistant Head Mrs Sophia Ingram-Dodd [email protected]
Assistant Head Ms Gaynor Laird [email protected]
Assistant Head Mr Daniel Whelan [email protected]
Pastoral Lead (Child Protection Officer) Mr Daniel Whelan [email protected]
Inclusion Champion  ( Deputy Child Protection Officer) Mr James Ferbrache [email protected]
SENCO  (Deputy Child Protection Officer) Mrs Claire Avary [email protected]
Intervention Manager Mr Chris Haimes [email protected]
Family Liason Officer Mrs Jackie Haimes [email protected]
Head of Year 7 Mr Chris Haimes [email protected]
Head of Year 8 Ms Deborah Hollingworth [email protected]
Head of Year 9 Ms Gemma Lumb [email protected]
Head of Year 10 Miss Kelly Powell [email protected]
Head of Year 11 Miss Sadie Addlesee [email protected]
Year 7 Tutor Miss Ashani Benjamin [email protected]
Year 7 Tutor Mrs Emily Chamberlain [email protected]
Year 7 Tutor Miss Millie Jones [email protected]
Year 7 Tutor Ms Sandra Kaine [email protected]
Year 7 Tutor Mr Nigel Vernon [email protected]
Year 7 Tutor Mr Richard Pitman [email protected]


Year 8 Tutor Mrs Diane Birch [email protected]
Year 8 Tutor Miss Siobhan McIlroy [email protected]
Year 8 Tutor Mr Antony Newman [email protected]
Year 8 Tutor Miss Nerine Ozanne [email protected]
Year 8 Tutor Mr David Price [email protected]
Year 8 Tutor Mr Mark Stevens [email protected]
Year 8 Tutor Ms Gill Wright [email protected]


Year 9 Tutor Mrs Julie Herbert [email protected]
Year 9 Tutor Mr Andy Manning [email protected]
Year 9 Tutor Mr Ian Mills [email protected]
Year 9 Tutor Mr Chris Murphy [email protected]
Year 9 Tutor Mrs Emma Porterfield [email protected]
Year 9 Tutor Mrs Jo Roberts [email protected]


Year 10 Tutor Mr Nick Boldison-Smith [email protected]
Year 10 Tutor Miss Emma Chesters [email protected]
Year 10 Tutor Mrs Jenni Foale [email protected]
Year 10 Tutor Miss Georgia Howe [email protected]
Year 10 Tutor Mr Paul Pearce [email protected]
Year 10 Tutor Ms Sally Wenlock [email protected]


Year 11 Tutor Mrs Rebecca Chamberlain [email protected]
Year 11 Tutor Miss Jess Ingles [email protected]
Year 11 Tutor Mr Mark Ingrouille [email protected]
Year 11 Tutor Mr Sam Mauger [email protected]
Year 11 Tutor Mrs Victoria Wallace [email protected]
Year 11 Tutor Mr Ben Wooldridge [email protected]
Head of Art Mrs Diane Birch [email protected]
Teacher of Art Mr Richard Pitman [email protected]


Head of Asdan Miss Nerine Ozanne [email protected]


Head of Business Studies Miss Georgia Howe [email protected]
Teacher of Business Studies Ms Sandra Kaine [email protected]


Head of Careers Ms Caroline Wilkes-green [email protected]


Head of Design & Technology Ms Sally Wenlock [email protected]
Teacher of Design & Technology
(Food Technology)
Mr Nick Boldison-Smith [email protected]
Teacher of Design & Technology Mrs Caroline Harston [email protected]
Teacher of Design & Technology Mr Ben Wooldridge [email protected]


Head of English Miss Alyson O’Reilly alyson.o’[email protected]
Teacher of English Mrs Julie Herbert [email protected]
Teacher of English Ms Deborah Hollingworth [email protected]
Teacher of English Miss Jessica Ingles [email protected]
Teacher of English Mr Lee Porterfield [email protected]
Teacher of English Mrs Emma Porterfield [email protected]
Teacher of English Miss Kelly Powell [email protected]
Teacher of English Mr David Price [email protected]


Head of Geography Mr Ian Mills [email protected]
Teacher of Geography Miss Emma Chesters [email protected]


Head of History Mr Christopher Murphy [email protected]
Teacher of History Miss Siobhan McIlroy [email protected]


Head of ICT Miss Georgia Howe [email protected]
Teacher of ICT &
Computer Science
Mr Maxat Syzdykov [email protected]


Head of Maths Mr Gareth Jones [email protected]
Teacher of Maths Mrs Rebecca Chamberlain [email protected]
Teacher of Maths Mr Sam Mauger [email protected]
Teacher of Maths Mr Antony Newman [email protected]
Teacher of Maths Mr Paul Pearce [email protected]
Teacher of Maths Ms Gillian Wright [email protected]


Head of Media Studies Ms Deborah Hollingworth [email protected]


Head of MFL Mrs Jenni Foale [email protected]
Teacher of MFL Miss Millie Jones [email protected]
Teacher of MFL Ms Delphine Vianey [email protected]


Head of  Music / Creative Arts Ms Sarah Tennant [email protected]
Teacher of Music Miss Nerine Ozanne n[email protected]


Head of PE Mr Andrew Manning [email protected]
Teacher of PE Miss Sadie Addlesee [email protected]
Teacher of PE Mr Mark Ingrouille [email protected]


Head of Photography Mr Richard Pitman [email protected]


Head of PSHCE Miss Mille Jones [email protected]


Head of RS Mr Mark Stevens [email protected]
Teacher of RS Miss Siobhan McIlroy [email protected]


Head of Science Mrs Jo Roberts [email protected]
Teacher of Science Miss Ashani Benjamin [email protected]
Teacher of Science Mrs Emily Chamberlain [email protected]
Teacher of Science Ms Gemma Lumb [email protected]
Teacher of Science Mr Nigel Vernon [email protected]
Teacher of Science Mrs Victoria Wallace [email protected]