We believe that homework is a crucial part of our students’ learning and is a compulsory element of their education provision and should be set and done regularly.

Homework is work that is done outside the timetabled curriculum time and may, therefore, be completed within school before, after or at lunchtimes.

The students will be provided with a homework timetable in September that will also include guidance on the nature of homework, how parents can best help and details of what to expect. All students have a Class Charts and Google Classroom logins which are used to monitor and set homework.  These can be accessed via the student’s device.

All students can access the school network from home which will help them with their homework and extended learning because not only will they be able to access the full details and supporting resources anytime from anywhere but it also enables parents to help their child organise homework tasks. Special arrangements can be made for any student who has not got access to the Internet from home to have priority use of the School’s computers.

Independent Learning Resources

As already stated, the School’s ICT equipment is usually available for independent student use at lunchtimes and after school and many students now have access to computers at home.  This can provide them with a huge pool of information and is an invaluable research and study tool.  In addition, the Library is well stocked with books, newspapers and magazines and is accessible to the students during break and lunchtimes.