Welcome to St Sampson's High School

St Sampson’s High School is a community of learning, enjoyment and opportunity. We work hard to ensure that all our students have the experience of a positive, well-ordered and friendly environment.

Vision Statement

Learning Together

By learning together we will develop a community of:

  • Happy and successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible citizens

We will provide:

  • A range of challenging opportunities
  • Support and friendship
  • A safe and stimulating environment
  • Encouragement of lifelong learning

Number of Students
% 5+A*-G GCSEs or equivalent
Vicky Godley
St Sampson’s High School
I am delighted to be the Principal of St Sampson’s High School – it is a privilege to lead our school.

I work hard to create the best conditions for students and staff to achieve their very best. Each child working to achieve their personal best in every lesson, every day is what we are striving for at St Sampson’s. As well as setting the school’s values and communicating them on a day to day basis, my job is outward facing with Education Officers, Politicians and many other members of our community, there is never a dull day.