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What our Staff are Saying

Vicky Godley (Headteacher)

“As principal of St Sampson’s High school, I can confidently say it’s a fantastic place to work. Our dedicated staff fosters a warm and welcoming environment where students thrive. We embrace the ‘Bailiwick Big Picture’ curriculum, allowing you to make a significant impact on young people’s holistic development. We have students who want to learn and make use of the opportunities on offer. The school itself boasts excellent facilities and serves as a central hub for the community. Moreover, we offer a supportive and collaborative work environment, ensuring you feel valued and empowered to contribute your expertise. If you’re passionate about education and making a positive difference, then St Sampson’s High school is the place for you!”

Paul (Deputy Headteacher) 

“I started at SSHS nearly 2 years ago as deputy head and I’ve never worked with such as a hard working group of staff before including support staff, office staff and  teachers. Whether is it 7am in the morning or 5pm on a Friday, so many staff can be seen getting things ready for our students. We recently launched the new period 7 for our year 11’s and I was amazed to see every subject give up their own time to put extra lessons on to support the students and school”

Jess (English Teacher): You should work at SSHS because there are so many opportunities to bring learning alive. From arranging trips to hosting guest speakers, there is always an opportunity to create learning moments outside the classroom. SSHS is more than academic, we recognise success based on a range of achievements and firmly believe that every student has their own talents that are valued and worth celebrating.

Jo (Admin): I have worked at SSHS for nearly 2 decades now.  I have seen many changes and many faces. I am and always will be immensely proud to be a part of our community.  I still, to this day, feel welcomed, supported and cared for.  I could never imagine working anywhere else.  We are a team and this shines through seeing working relationships blossom to friendships outside of work. You never feel alone working here, someone is always there for you.  I can only hope each member of staff feels as valued as I.

Millie (HOD MFL) : The students are delightful and on the occasions that they aren’t, the school’s robust behaviour systems support teachers to do their job without disruption.  The collegiality at SSHS is on another level.  Every face is friendly and there really is a feel that we’re in it together and have each others’ backs when the going gets tough.  Staff are encouraged to have high expectations, not only of learners, but also of themselves through frequent CPD and a desire to always be better and always improving the quality of our education.

Sally (HOD Technology) : There is a brilliant team of staff

SLT are supportive and approachable, and work well as a team.

I can go and speak to any member of SLT with any ideas that I may have

I feel both supported and respected.

Guernsey is a fabulous place to live, and SSHS a brilliant school to work in. Living the dream! We are on the up! Work hard and be respected!

Our students are absolutely fantastic. They are an awesome bunch of young people!

Kelly (Head of Year/Teacher of English):

Working at SSHS gives you the privilege of teaching the most amazing children from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, who make every day amusing and entertaining.  We have such a diverse and dedicated body of staff that you never feel alone when tackling new challenges.   The wider community is starting to take notice of the brilliance of SSHS, which makes me incredibly proud.

Claire (2nd in Science) :

Supportive, friendly environment to work in with amazing youngsters who are in various stages of finding their place in the world.

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