Religious Studies

To explore the key beliefs of the religious and non-religious, of the Christian and Jew, the Muslim and Hindu, the Buddhist and the Sikh and how religious beliefs affect a person’s life, attitude and behaviour.

To enable students to discuss and examine their own views (of philosophical and ethical issues) and attitudes to the world around them.

Religious Studies deals with the most important social and moral issues of our time, including racism, sexism and animal rights, genetic engineering, abortion and euthanasia, slavery, poverty and war, the government, the environment and the media, superstition, science and the internet. Religious concepts, such as God, Reality, Justice, forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Peace are considered in relation to personal development and contemporary culture.

To develop the ‘whole person’. We are convinced that Religious Studies makes an essential contribution to this development, ensuring that St. Sampson’s students are respectful, polite, and able to recognise, assess and celebrate different beliefs and life choices.

To develop Critical Thinking, Team work, Creativity, Reflection, Independence ,Resilience.

To enable students to develop and practice literacy skills including reading, writing, and verbal communication.

Religious Studies is not about preparing students to become vicars or nuns! It is about preparing young people to live successfully in a global community by understanding, respecting and celebrating cultural and religious differences. It is no exaggeration to say that religion is still a fundamental part of the lives of billions of people. Religious Studies will give students an insight into the beliefs, attitudes and behaviour of many of the people that they will come across both within their chosen career and social life.

Religious Studies also helps students to develop skills that are absolutely essential in most careers. These include the ability to consider, evaluate and express ideas in a coherent and sensitive manner. Without question, the subject will help students with reading, essay writing and examination technique.