GCSE Business Studies

This qualification is linear. Linear means that students will sit all their exams at the end of the course, currently run over two years.

Students who study AQA GCSE Business equip themselves with a wide knowledge of the business world and its role in today’s society. They will study finance, which looks at stocks and shares, budgets and company finance. Human resources will help students in whatever career path they may choose to undertake. This will give them wide career opportunities in the business development area.

Business can be continued at A level, university and as apprentices.

During their study, students have an insight into production and marketing with visits to manufacturing plants in the UK.

Students will study units 1,2 & 3 in year 10 and units 3,4 & 5 in year 11

Students are required to complete independent research to enhance their understanding.

Subject content

What’s assessed
Paper 1

  • Business in the real world
  • Influences on business
  • Business operations
  • Human resources

Paper 2: Influences of marketing and finance on business activity

  • Business in the real world
  • Influences on business
  • Marketing
  • Finance

Each of the six units students will study are split over the two years. Students will study three units each year.

The start of the Autumn term students are introduced to the new concepts of business through individual, paired and group work. Although the exam board uses UK business, I feel it is important to relate where possible to links within our island and their business community.

During the end of the Autumn term students will work at a project to create a game. They will be required to conduct primary research though designing a questionnaire, planning and creating a game. They will then be required to come up with strategies to market their game. There is a prize for the most innovative game created.

In the Spring term students focus on the various internal and external influences on a business. Students will need to keep updated with business news throughout the world not just on island.

Summer term allows students to look at business operations where they will gain an understanding of production, manufacturing and procurement. They will look at how the supply chain works combined with quality control and customer service.

Assessment is on-going and completed at the end of each topic.

Homework will be set as per school timetable and it is expected that ALL students will complete this topic enhancing work.

Useful books to help during revision and learning re-call. Core text books will be provided for class use and do not need to be purchased.