The Mathematics Department aims to provide a secure learning environment; creating resources that reflect the varied learning styles of all pupils and allow them opportunities to develop their natural curiosity through discussion, investigation and the use of technology. The Maths Department will ensure that all pupils, regardless of their ability, can access the curriculum and we celebrate achievement through pupil progression. Our vision is to create a culture where all students can enjoy learning Maths and feel supported in their progress.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, students cover work on Number, Algebra, Handling Data and Shape Space and Measure topics. Students are also given the opportunity to develop their ‘Functional Maths’ skills by working on real-life problems throughout the year. Students work towards an individual target level based on their previous achievement in Maths. Their progress against their target level is assessed regularly based on both their work in class and on levelled tests.

Key Stage 4

We follow the Edexcel IGCSE course which consists of two exams. Students are either entered for Foundation tier or Higher tier. They can achieve grades 5 – 1 on the Foundation tier and grades 9 – 4 on the Higher tier. We review the progress of students based on practice exams and class-work to ensure that they sit the exam which is the right tier for them. At the end of every half term, each student will be assessed and students’ strengths and areas for development will be identified.


All students in years 7-11 have been allocated an individual login and password to access lessons and homework tasks on Please encourage them to see their maths teacher if they require a reminder.

Maths Watch