What is revision?

Revision takes place after you have finished learning the content in class. At the end of a unit.

Remember the 3 Rs of revision:

Refine it – know what to revise – check the spec, syllabus, unit checklist.

Prioritise areas to revise – focus on what you find hard.  Identify gaps in knowledge. Know where the most marks are.

Create a plan – download a prioritisation sheet or a revision timetable here

Revise it – use a range of active retrieval strategies.  Use spaced repetition, revisit your knowledge before you forget it.

Review it – self-test, quiz and practice LOTS of past papers.  Check if your revision technique is working.  If not, try another.



  • Find a quiet place
  • Turn off your phone
  • Turn off music
  • Start early
  • Use a table or desk
  • Take regular breaks